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Top 10 Flashlights - 2008 Q1

Top Ten Flashlights - 2008

This report presents Top Ten Flashlights for year 2008 (Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 combined). Overall, year 2008 shows a mixed picture. At one end, there is a continued interest shown by visitors in renewable energy source based flashlights where as, at the other end, the pace at which new flashlights being brought to the market has reduced. You might have noticed that there is no Q4 2008 Top Ten Page. That's because we wanted to provide a overall picture for the year 2008 instead of just Q4 results alone. As the global economic downturn takes it's own toll, the the number of new flashlights being designed, created, reviewed & brought to market has also reduced considerably.

Flashlights with MCU (Microcontroller (µC) Unit) and Cree XR-E or Seoul Zpower P4 LED rule the whole of 2008. NiteCore Extreme from Edge Tactical Co. Ltd gets the ruler 2008 award as it tops on both the top 10 lists.

Stats from 1st January 2008 to 31st Devember 2008 is taken in to consideration for 2008 Top Ten analysis. Here are the two tables showing results for Top Ten Flashlights for 2008. First table has results sorted by "hits/day".

Top Ten Flashlights for 2008 Sorted by Hits / Day
Top Flashlights Date Reviewed Total Hits Days Points
NiteCore Extreme 22-May-2008 370377 223 1661
Arc6 27-Sep-2008 123039 95 1295
JETBeam JetII Pro IBS 24-Sep-2008 88473 98 903
Ra Twisty 100 19-Sep-2008 72387 103 703
Fenix TK10 03-Jun-2008 141099 211 669
Arc AAA Premium GS LED 16-Aug-2008 78435 137 573
NiteCore Silver Special Edition 26-Jun-2008 106323 188 566
JETBeam Jet 1Pro 25-Mar-2008 144228 281 513
NovaTac EDC120P 20-Aug-2007 250761 499 503
Fenix T1 Tactical 25-Jan-2008 170961 341 501


Here is the table with results sorted by "sheer volume". Note that eventhogh some lights have been reviewed prior to 1st January 2008 the number of hits taken in to consideration are only from 1st January 2008 to 31st Devember 2008. The total hits for lights reviewed prior to the date range is considerably more.
Top Ten Flashlights for 2008 Sorted by Sheer Volume
Top Flashlights Date Reviewed Hits
NiteCore Extreme 22-May-2008 370377
NovaTac EDC 120P 20-Aug-2007 250761
Fenix T1 Tactical 25-Jan-2008 170961
Fenix L2D CE 22-Jul-2007 164640
Orb Wee NS 01-Oct-2007 147189
JETBeam Jet1Pro 25-Mar-2008 144228
Fenix P3DCE 21-Jun-2007 144060
Fenix TK10 03-Jun-2008 141099
ZebraLight H50 17-Feb-2008 139293
Arc6 27-Sep-2008 123039

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