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NovaTac EDC 120 P

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NovaTac EDC 120 P is a Programmable Series flashlight from NovaTac. It takes single CR123 battery, has Seoul SSC P4 LED, Body is built of aluminium with hard anodize type III coating. EDC 120 P is water proof with O-Rings to 20 meters (not rated for dive). Its one of the brightest, very strong built, high quality, medium size light. EDC 120 P is one of the most advanced single CR123 light available in the market. The maximum output of the light is 120 Lumens. NovaTac EDC 120 P has Advanced Microcontroller (µC) Controlled Buck Boost Drive Circuit, this enables operation of the flashlight on both primary CR123 Cells as well as the Li-Ion Rechargeable RCR123 Cells. What's interesting is that you can program the flashlight according to your preferences.

Light Features:
  • All light levels can be programmed to suite your requirements
  • Can take various CR123 sized battery ranging from Primary Lithium to Li-Ion cells
  • Polycarbonate lens with AR coating
  • Seoul SSC P4 LED
  • Buck-Boost Advanced Regulation Microcontroller (µC) Controlled Drive Circuit
  • Flat Tail Cap Switch allowing 'Candle Mode'
Light Operation & Output:
Light Operation: Complete and Detail User Guide for this light can be downloaded from NovaTac's Site, here is the direct link to Download PDF file.

A Click is less than 1/3 second (like a mouse click).
A Press is greater than 1/3 second.

Default UI:
Click: Turn on to Primary (10 Lumens)

From ON
1. Two Clicks: Toggle between Secondary (30 Lumens) and Primary (10 Lumens)
2. Three Clicks: Minimum (0.3 Lumens) setting
3. Press while ON: Momentary Maximum
4. Click-Press: Maximum (120 Lumens)
5. Click: Turn off

From OFF
1. Click-Press: Maximum (120 Lumens)

Below is the chart showing total output levels for various CR123 batteries for the default UI
Level CR123 (3v) RCR123 Li Ion (3.7v)
Primary (10 Lumens) 80 82
Secondary (30 Lumens) 282 277
Minimum (0.3 Lumens) 5 4
Maximum (120 Lumens) 1234 1365
Programming Novatac 120P:
This is one of the most intuitive lights when it comes to programming. The programming this light is very easy. Do you find it difficult to program? Well, here are very simple steps that you could use.

1) First, you need to master following gestures: Single Click, Double Click, Triple Click and Click-Press. This will require some practice. Remember what happens when you do these actions. Single Click = "Primary", Double Click = "Secondary", Triple Click = "Minimum", Click-Press = "Maximum".

2) Now know and note that the Levels "Primary" , "Secondary" etc are in Quotes; same applies to "Minimum" and "Maximum", this does not mean that they have to be that way. i.e. Your "Primary" can be a light level of minimum intensity, medium intensity or you can make it maximum intensity, it's up to you, the way you prefer the way you want it to be programmed. Similarly "Minimum" does not have to be a light with minimum level.

3) Now that you have become a master of various click gestures and know the basics, it's time to try some thing.

4) Turn on the light, do a Click-Click-Press. Remember, Click-Click-Press enters light to a Change in Brightness / Mode Selection. You will need to practice the Click-Click-Press to master this gesture. During practice, you might notice that if you keep holding the button i.e. Click-Click-Press(and hold), the brightness starts increasing (ramps up in steps). If you release the button, the brightness stops increasing. Now without doing any thing else, if you once again do a Click-Click-Press(and hold) (keep holding the button) the brightness starts decreasing (ramps down in steps). At any point of time should you face any trouble, you can simply Reset Novatac 120 P to the Factory Mode (see below).

5) OK, Now you have all the required skills and practice to start some basic programming. In fact, you have already learnt how to change the brightness, but yet not saved that setting. If you want to change brightness of any light level, you first go to that light level and do a Click-Click-Press(and hold) Gesture. You notice that the brightness starts increasing. Once it reaches desired level, simply release the pressed button and turn off the light. Turning off the light this way saves the brightness setting.

6) A Question arises, when do you know that the light is at maximum level or minimum level? The answer is simple, during the Click-Click-Press(and hold) when light reaches its maximum, the light flashes twice, same thing applies when ramping down to a minimum. The table below lists the light levels available and the brightness in Lumens for Novatac EDC 120 P.
Levels 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Brightness 0.08 0.12 0.17 0.23 0.33 0.47 0.66 0.94 1.3 1.9 2.7 3.8 5.3 7.5 10 15 21 30 42 60 85 120

7) So to sum up, lets increase the brightness of "Primary" from 10 Lumens to 21 Lumens.
    a) Click to turn on the light, the mode is "Primary", this is the level you want to change brightness so,
    b) Click-Click-Press(and hold), it starts to ramp up, release button at second step during ramp up (referring to above table) that's 21 Lumens.
    c) Settings are not saved yet, so Click once to turn off the light and save the settings.
    d) That's it. Click once again to verify, you will notice that your "Primary" is now brighter (at 21 Lumens) than factory set 10 Lumens.

Reset Novatac 120 P to the Factory Mode: Turn On the light by Single Clicking, Loosen the bezel (turn anti clock wise). Now turn the bezel (clock wise) to tighten, as soon as you notice some light, keep the tail cap button pressed. Note this action should be performed within a second after you notice light. Do not release the tail cap button until you see following sequence. Bright(5 sec) - Dim(2 sec) - Bright(3 sec) - Off. Now you can release the tail cap button. the 120 P has been reset to Factory Mode.

For more detailed information on programming, please refer to Complete and Detailed User Guide

Light Info:
General Info
    Light Model EDC 120 P
    Manufacturer NovaTac
    Review Page & Image
 EDC 120 P
EDC 120 P
    Country  United States
    Review Date 2007-08-20
    Review Update 2007-09-29
Light Vitals
    Length 84 mm
    Width / Bezel Diameter 25 mm
    Width / Tube Diameter 23 mm
    Height (if applicable)  mm
    Weight (without battery) 65 gm
Light Source
    LED Format Power LED
    Number of LEDs 1
    LED Name Seoul P4
    LED Power 3  Watts
Light Management
    Lens Material Polycarbonate
    Lens Coating (if any) AR Coated
    Lens Transperency (typical) 90
    Lumen Management Reflector
    Material Aluminium Metal LOP
    Beam Type Mostly Throw with good side spill
Power Management
    Converter Type Buck Boost
    Properties Regulated, Advanced Micro Controller (uC)
    Features Advanced User Interface
Batteries Supported, Output & Runtime
    Battery Size
    Nominal Voltage
    # Used
    Total Output
    Runtime to 75%
    Runtime to 50%
    Runtime to 25%
LiMnO2  Li-Ion  
Switch Options
    Switch Type
    Switch Properties
Electronic Click
Body Material Options
Type III Hard Anodized
Light Rating
85 85
    Build Quality
80 80
65 65
80 80
95 95
85 85
    Bang for buck
60 60
    Overall Rating
In-Depth Review & Pictures:
Size Comparison: From L to R: NovaTac EDC 120 T, NovaTac EDC 120 P

From L to R: NovaTac EDC 120 P, Fenix P1 SE Q2, CR123 Cell

From L to R: NovaTac EDC 120 P, Nuwai QIII, Fenix P3D

From L to R: CR123 Cell, Fenix P2D, NovaTac EDC 120 P

Bezel Comparisons: From L to R: NovaTac EDC 120 P, Fenix P1 SE Q2

From L to R: NovaTac EDC 120 P, Fenix P2D

From L to R: NovaTac EDC 120 P, Nuwai QIII

Textured Reflector:


Beam Shots:
Below Beam shot Matrix shows NovaTac EDC 120 P on Right and Fenix P2D on Left
+1 0 -1
P2D (Low)
EDC 120 P Pri (10 Lumens)
P2D (med)
EDC 120 P Sec (30 Lumens)
P2D (Max)
EDC 120 P Max (120 Lumens)
Extreme Closeup Pictures:

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