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JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS is high output, single rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery based LED flashlight. JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS belongs to Professional Infinite Brightness System of flashlights from JETBeam. Jet III Pro has premium Q5 bin Cree LED. The body of Jet III Pro IBS is machined from T6016 aircraft grade Aluminium. For environmental protection, Jet III Pro is coated with type 3 military grade hard coat anodizing. The black HAIII coating provides superior corrosion resistance and high durability. The quality of machining for Jet III Pro is flawless. A removable pocket clip comes pre installed on Jet III Pro. Battery tube and other internal parts including threads are treated with corrosion protective chemical. The chemical gives a distinctive golden color finish to flashlight interiors. There are multiple O-Ring seals at various locations in for water resistance. Jet III Pro meets IPX-8 standard for waterproofing. JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS has 3 mode Microcontroller (µC) Controlled, programmable, digitally regulated drive circuit, with three brightness levels. All the three light modes can be programmed to suite the requirements. Reflector is built from solid Aluminium and has Light Orange Peel (LOP) reflective finish. The reflector diameter and depth is larger than normal thus making the light beam to reach & illuminate greater distances. Overall the built quality of Jet III Pro is excellent.

Light Features:
  • Cree 7090 XR-E LED, Q5 Brightness Bin
  • 3 mode, digitally regulated, Microcontroller (µC) Controlled drive circuit with memory
  • T6061 aircraft grade Aluminium body with military grade type III hard anodize coat
  • Sapphire crystal lens
  • 18650 Li-Ion battery based
  • Click tail cap switch
Light Operation & Output:
Light Operation: Click switch used in JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS is "reverse" click type switch i.e. you will hear a click sound before switch makes a contact. To switch on the light simply push the click switch until you hear the click sound. Switch latches the light in ON position. To change modes, after switching on, press and release the tail cap half way before you hear the click sound in quick succession. When desired mode has arrived release the switch. To switch off the light, simply press the tail cap switch until you hear the click sound again.

Below is the chart showing total output levels for AW 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable battery

Level AW 18650 Li-Ion
High 1520
Low 203
Light Info:
General Info
    Light Model Jet III Pro IBS
    Manufacturer JETBeam
    Review Page & Image
 Jet III Pro IBS
    Country  China
    Review Date 2008-07-05
    Review Update 2008-07-05
Light Vitals
    Length 128 mm
    Width / Bezel Diameter 33 mm
    Width / Tube Diameter 23 mm
    Height (if applicable)  mm
    Weight (without battery) 105 gm
Light Source
    LED Format Power LED
    Number of LEDs 1
    LED Name Cree XR - E
    LED Power 3  Watts
Light Management
    Lens Material Sapphire Crystal
    Lens Coating (if any) None
    Lens Transperency (typical) 85
    Lumen Management Reflector
    Material Aluminium Metal LOP
    Beam Type Mostly Throw with good side spill
Power Management
    Converter Type Buck
    Properties Regulated, Advanced Micro Controller (uC)
    Features Advanced User Interface
Batteries Supported, Output & Runtime
    Battery Size
    Nominal Voltage
    # Used
    Total Output
    Runtime to 75%
    Runtime to 50%
    Runtime to 25%
Switch Options
    Switch Type
    Switch Properties
Reverse Click
Body Material Options
Type III Hard Anodized
Light Rating
75 75
    Build Quality
70 70
80 80
80 80
60 60
75 75
    Bang for buck
70 70
    Overall Rating
In-Depth Review & Pictures:
Package: JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS comes packaged in hard paper box. Apart from the JET III Pro flashlight, the package includes RUIZHI Trading Co. certificate of authenticity and warranty. Each light having unique code and date of manufacture is printed on each card accompanying Jet III Pro. Also included are two spare O-Rings, tail cap rubber cap and lanyard attachment.

Size Comparison: Pictured below From L to R: AW 18650 Li-ion battery, JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS, JETBeam Jet I Pro and AA Battery.

Reflector Comparison: On the left you can see smooth reflector in JETBeam Jet I Pro and on right is the LOP reflector of JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS.

Reflector in JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS is built from solid Aluminium. Cree XR-E LED is perfectly aligned and centered within reflector. Reflector has Light Orange Peel (LOP) finish. Advantage of LOP reflector is that it allows a combination of throw and side spill and there are no artifacts or rings in the beam pattern. The diameter of reflector is about 27mm which is fairly large and so is its depth. Due to the more depth of reflector, more light reflected from it in forward direction and the beam of light can reach and illuminate greater distance.

Bezel: Lens protecting reflector is built from artificial Sapphire crystal. There is a red-orange colored O-Ring protecting the Sapphire lens; it also prevents water and dirt entering the lens assembly.

Body: JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS is machined from Aircraft Grade T6061 Aluminium Alloy. The Machining work with JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS is near perfect and without any flaws. Here is a picture showing 180 degree view with Jet III Pro IBS standing bezel down.

There are two flat, long rectangular surfaces with circular ends machined on either side of battery tube. On one side "JET-IIIPRO I.B.S, Professional series" with drive circuit specifications is laser engraved identifying the flashlight.

On other side of the flat surface on battery tube Jetbeam logo is laser engraved.

At the tail cap end of battery tube, you will notice a removable steel wire loop to attach lanyard.

There is a very slight color difference between anodizing colors which is barely noticeable. Tail cap appears to have a slightly darker color as that of rest of the flashlight.

From the the pictures of bezel and tail cap, it is clear that the edges on both ends of JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS are chamfered. This actually is a very nice thing as it helps in reducing effects of erosion of HA III finish on the edges over time. Chamfering also makes the edges soft and prevents accidental injury which is usually associated with sharp edges.

Components: The body of JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS consists of 3 main parts; head housing lens assembly & Light module containing electronics and LED, battery tube and tail cap. The head has machined scalloped grooves that provide good grip. The battery tube as well as the tail cap have attractive diamond-shaped knurling. All threads have square profile. Except for tail cap, threads on other components are not anodized.

JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS Head: Head consist of bezel with reflector assembly and light module. If you need to service the head or change any of the head components; Bezel ring, O-Ring, Sapphire Crystal lens and Aluminium reflector can easily be removed from the head of JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS. The JETBeam Jet III Pro is 'semi' open-source kind of light where, should a need arise, all other components can be user serviced except the light engine electronics.

The positive contact of Jet III Pro's head is gold plated spring that ensures good contact between battery's positive terminal and light module electronics. One advantage of positive contact spring is that it allows use of flat top batteries as well as button top.

JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS Battery Tube: The battery tube has thick body walls. Inner side is coated with corrosion resistant chemical coating. Outer side of battery tube has beautiful diamond shaped knurling. Depth of diamond knurling is just right to provide good grip. Removable pocket clip is installed on battery tube. Overall construction of battery tube of JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS is fairly strong with thick body walls.

At the bezel end on battery tube, laser engraved warning mentions hot surface.

The inner diameter of battery tube is sufficient to accept AW 18650 Rechargeable Li-ion battery with ease. There is no battery rattle in the tube.

There is a O-Ring preceding tail cap threads. The body walls at tail cap end are also thick again indicating fairly strong construction.

JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS Tail Cap: The rubber boot slightly protrudes outside the tail cap boundaries, so it is not possible to make the light stand on the tail.

The tail cap houses click switch has 'knurled' black color rubber tail cap boot. There is a provision to attach lanyard or a ring on tail cap. The tail cap has a nice band of diamond knurling which is cut due to flat machined surfaces overall enhancing the cosmetic look. The flat surfaces prevent roll of the tail cap.

The switch is held in place by a metallic retaining ring. Tail cap negative contact spring on JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS appears to be gold plated ensuring a good contact between battery's negative terminal and switch.
Beam Shots:
Beam with excellent hotspot providing combination of throw and side spill. Here Beam shot Matrix shows JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS on Low and High light levels with AW 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery. All beam shots are taken at f/8 aperture with varying shutter speed.
Low High

Extreme Closeup Pictures: JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS
Here are a few extreme closeup shots. The workmanship of JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS is of very high quality.

Laser Engraving on JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS Head.

Battery tube for JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS has diamond shaped knurling.

Tail end.

Tail cap of JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS.

Super Extreme Closeup of bezel on JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS.

Super Extreme Closeup laser engraving on head.

Super Extreme Closeup of battery tube on JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS.

Super Extreme Closeup of Tail cap on JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS.

Equipment Used: Custom built Integrating Sphere with Gossen Mavolux 5032 Class B USB Light Meter as photometer. Mavolux 5032 B USB is high precision, high accuracy and high quality light meter with conformance to DIN 5032-7 and CIE 69 standards. Utmost care has taken to ensure that the light measurements are accurate. Click here to read more about Gossen Mavolux 5032 USB Light Meter.

AW18650: The runtime for JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS with AW18650 Rechargeable Li-Ion battery on MAX light output is about 2 Hours 10 Minutes till 50%. JETBeam Jet III Pro IBS runs in full regulation for the whole duration. The total light output out front stays close to 150 Lumens, a brilliant achievement considering the total runtime of 2+ Hours.

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