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Horus Titanium Soldier Tag

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Horus Titanium Soldier Tag is a identification tag normally worn by military personnel. Off late the soldier tags have recently found their way into youth fashion by way of Military Chic. In either cases the tag is primarily used for the identification to provide essential and basic information such as name, blood type and other relevant information such as emergency phone etc. Wearing of soldier tag is required at all times by soldiers in the field. Horus Titanium offers high quality TA2 Grade Titanium tag with specialized services for custom engraving.

Horus Titanium Soldier Tag Features:
  • Material: TA2 grade pure Titanium
  • Surface Finish: Sand Blasted
  • Dimensions: 43mm (Length) x 24mm (Width) x 3mm (Thickness)
  • Engraving Options: Personal Information and Customized Pattern
Note: Customized pattern requires images in 1024 x 768 size in JPG file format.
In-Depth Review & Pictures:
Packaging: Horus Titanium Soldier Tag comes beautifully packed in bubble packaging. Inside you will find a zip lock bag containing Soldier Tag wrapped nicely in soft lint free polishing cloth.

Size Comparison: From L to R: AA Battery and Horus Titanium Soldier Tag. The soldier tag is about 10 mm shorter than the AA battery.

The Titanium tag is about 3 mm thick.

Custom Etching & Engraving on Horus Titanium Soldier Tag: "www.cpfreviews.com" is custom engraved on this tag. The engraving process is very delicate and requires great deal of attention. According to Horus, the error margins for engraving are of the order of 0.01mm. This can only be achieved using of high precision computer controlled machines. Another aspect that must be mentioned is design pattern etching is done by hand. The design etching is a chemical process where a design mask is applied over the surface and exposed areas are subjected to acid bath. The acid 'eats' metal to create the pattern on un exposed surface. This process has to be carried out in a highly controlled manner. A little variance in concentration of acid can ruin the complete artwork. In some cases the yields may be as low as 50%. This is the reason why the custom engraving and etching are very expensive. Hours Titanium, on the contrary, offer the custom etching at fairly economical rates.

Surface finish of Soldier Tag is sand blasted. Here is the picture showing plane back side of the tag.

Notice the thickness of the tag. Horus Titanium tag separates itself from the other cheap offerings by employing 3mm thick solid TA2 grade Titanium. This makes it very strong. Due care has been taken to make the edges blunt, thus preventing accidental damage to clothes or the body.

There is a provision to attach Titanium Solder Tag to a lanyard or chain. Notice the soft smooth chamfered internal edges on the inner side of lanyard hole. This helps not only in easy movement but also prevents damage to chain or lanyard.

Extreme Closeup Pictures: Horus Titanium Soldier Tag: In Progress

Reviewed: 2008-06-10
Updated: 2008-08-03

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