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Fenix TK10 belongs to Tactical series flashlights from Fenix Light. Fenix TK10 is actually an enhanced version of Fenix T1 Tactical. Fenix TK10 uses two CR123 batteries and has two operating light levels. One of the good qualities of Fenix Light as a manufacturer is that they are the one who actually listen to the customers, take the customers feedback positively and further enhance their products based on the customer feedback. Fenix TK10 is result of such customer feedback and enhancements. Fenix TK10 has high efficiency Cree 7090 XR-E Premium Q5 binned LED for very bright light output. Reflector used for Fenix TK10 is built from solid Aluminium and has Light Orange Peel (LOP) reflector finish. Glass lens in front is toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating. The electronics and drive circuit in Fenix TK10 employs buck topology with low voltage warning system. Fenix TK10 has two digitally regulated light levels. Brightness levels are controlled by turning the head. The body of Fenix TK10 is built of aircraft grade Aluminium alloy with armored tank like construction. The flashlight is coated inside out with olive color type III hard coat anodizing that not only provides excellent surface look and feel finish but also protects body against bruises scratches. HAIII anodizing makes Fenix TK10 durable. The battery tube can be customized to install pocket clip and tactical grip. The switch located at the tail cap end has black color rubber boot. There is a option change this with alternate bright orange colored rubber boot which is provided as a part of standard accessory. Inside Fenix TK10, the battery contact spring at the tail cap switch end is gold plated ensuring very good connectivity with the battery. At the same time, the positive contact on head has solid disk soldered over PCB. There are thick O-Ring seals at various places for waterproofing. In fact, Fenix TK10 meets IPX-8 Waterproof Standard. The Overall build quality of Fenix TK10 is excellent. Fenix TK10 comes in cardboard box packaging, there are wide range of accessories supplied as standard along with Fenix TK10.

Light Features:
  • Tank like construction, very solid built and quality
  • Customizable body attachments such as clips, tactical grip etc
  • Meets the IPX - 8 standard waterproof specifications
  • Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • AR coated glass lens, solid Aluminium LOP reflector
  • Cree 7090 XR-E Premium Q5 binned LED
  • Digitally controlled, regulated drive circuit with low voltage warning
  • Can operate on two CR123 or RCR123 batteries
  • Two light levels. Turbo Mode: 225 Lumens, General Mode: 60 Lumens
  • Forward type, tactical click switch
Light Operation & Output:
Light Operation: Click switch. For Switching ON / OFF use tail cap switch. Click once to switch on, click again to switch off. Since the switch is forward type click switch, you can activate the light in momentary mode by half pressing the switch.

Turbo Mode: Turbo mode is achieved by fully tightening the head. The light output is maximum in this mode. Typically 225 Lumens.
General Mode: Loosen the head for general mode for low light output. Typically 60 Lumens.

Below is the chart showing total output levels for partially used AW RCR123 battery (actual output with fully charged battery may vary).

Fenix TK10
Level CR123 AW RCR123
High 1880 1983
Low 400 415
Light Info:
General Info
    Light Model TK10
    Manufacturer Fenix Light
    Review Page & Image
    Country  China
    Review Date 2008-06-03
    Review Update 2008-06-03
Light Vitals
    Length 132 mm
    Width / Bezel Diameter 34 mm
    Width / Tube Diameter 25 mm
    Height (if applicable)  mm
    Weight (without battery) 135 gm
Light Source
    LED Format Power LED
    Number of LEDs 1
    LED Name Cree XR - E
    LED Power 3  Watts
Light Management
    Lens Material Clear Glass
    Lens Coating (if any) Diamond Double AR Coated
    Lens Transperency (typical) 93
    Lumen Management Reflector
    Material Aluminium Metal LOP
    Beam Type Mostly Throw with good side spill
Power Management
    Converter Type Buck
    Properties Regulated, Micro Controller (uC)
    Features Simple Brightness Adjustment
Batteries Supported, Output & Runtime
    Battery Size
    Nominal Voltage
    # Used
    Total Output
    Runtime to 75%
    Runtime to 50%
    Runtime to 25%
LiMnO2  Li-Ion  
Switch Options
    Switch Type
    Switch Properties
Forward Click
Body Material Options
Type III Hard Anodized
Light Rating
80 80
    Build Quality
75 75
70 70
85 85
40 40
70 70
    Bang for buck
65 65
    Overall Rating
In-Depth Review & Pictures:
Packaging: Fenix TK10 comes packaged card board box. Inside the main card board box, there is blister type molded container with two compartments; one holding flashlight and other containing accessories. The box has transparent window reveling the Fenix TK10 flashlight. The front side of box has mention of major features of Fenix TK10. The back side of box has company brief, product information, specifications and company contact information.


Here is the picture of blister type molded container. There are two compartments; one holding flashlight and other containing accessories.

Inside the box the container has Fenix TK10 flashlight, carry pouch, lanyard, additional O-Rings and tail cap switch boot. From L to R: warranty and user manual, a zip lock containing other accessories that are detailed in next picture.

Accessories arranged in picture are lanyard on top, middle row has L key tool and the pocket clip where as the lowermost row has thick O-Ring that installs on head side of battery tube, the two screws required for installing pocket clip are placed inside; next is tactical grip; orange colored filler piece if you do not want to use tactical grip; second O-Ring, smaller and thinner, installs on tail cap side of battery tube; and lastly the orange colored tail cap boot.

Size Comparison: Pictured below From L to R: Fenix T1 and Fenix TK10. Fenix TK10 is slightly slim and smaller than Fenix T1. On a side by side comparison, the two lights look entirely different, yet in same class of construction. Robust, tank like and strong built.

Another comparison From L to R: AA Battery, Fenix TK10 and AW CR123 Battery. Fenix TK10 is about 4 times in length of CR123 battery.

Comparison between Fenix T1 and FenixTK10: On the left is Fenix T1 and on right is the Fenix TK10. The reflector diameter dimensions are almost exactly the same for both lights in comparison. So is light output and illumination range.

What's considerably different is the main construction of light head. The head of Fenix T1 has more components as compared to Fenix TK10. Most noticeable difference is absence of bezel ring on Fenix TK10. For Fenix T1 the reflector, AR coated glass lens and O-Ring are accessed by opening the bezel ring; where as for Fenix TK10 these components are sealed through other side of head. One advantage of this arrangement is simpler construction and less parts mean less things to get loose or fall off. Not that Fenix T1's bezel ring will fall off easily, in fact, in many cases it is loctite.

Similarly the design of tail cap for the new Fenix TK10 has been completely revamped. Its even more easy to activate the light and operate the switch. The new tail cap design does not support tail standing of flashlight.

Bezel: Cree XR-E LED is aligned perfectly in center. As mentioned earlier, the reflector in Fenix TK10 built of solid Aluminium with Light Orange Peel (LOP) finish on reflective surface of reflector. LOP finish on reflector enables good beam quality with equally good side spill. The ringy beam pattern usually associated with smooth reflector is not there.

Closeup of 7090 XR-E Premium Q5 binned Cree LED installed inside Fenix TK10.

Body: Fenix TK10 is built from aircraft grade Aluminium with olive type III hard coat anodizing for protection from wear and tear. The built quality of Fenix TK10 is excellent.

Battery tube has diamond knurling which provide good grip.

Battery tube has two flat machined surfaces on one side Fenix TK10 is laser engraved where as the other side is blank.

Tail cap has means of attaching lanyard. Overall the construction of Fenix TK10 is very strong.

Components: Fenix TK10 consists of three main components, head, battery tube and tail cap. Head houses LED, reflector and electronics. Two CR123 batteries are easily accommodated in battery tube. There is no rattle of batteries yet enough space is there for free movement. Tail cap has switch with rubber boot. Interestingly, the O-Ring on head side of battery tube is considerably thick as compared to O-Ring seal on tail cap end.

Head: Here is a more detailed look at head of Fenix TK10. At first look, you will be surprised to see the strong built single piece encapsulation of the electronics, LED & reflector. This is considerably different than that of Fenix T1 Tactical. At the bezel end there is single machined circumferential ring just to enhance cosmetic appearance. There are three crenellations on bezel. Crenellations are typical features of a tactical flashlight. The light escaping out of the crenellations help to let you know if the flashlight is on when kept bezel down on a flat surface.

The positive contact metal disk is soldered over the PCB. This ensures good contact and makes it very durable. Apart from the positive contact disk there are two semi circular disks soldered on either side of the contact serving as physical means of reverse polarity protection.

Here is a 270 view for head of Fenix TK 10. There are six flat surfaces machined over the head supporting aesthetics of head and preventing rollover of light if placed on inclined surface.

Battery Tube: Each and every component of Fenix TK10 has been carefully thought of and built to last long. Battery tube of Fenix TK10 is no exception. The battery tube is anodized inside out except for the threads on head end. Threads at head end on battery tube take active part in conducting current.

There is a band of diamond knurling on battery tube of Fenix TK10 offers very good grip. Battery tube has flat machined surface making a place available for laser engraving. Light model and company logo are laser engraved on one of the flat surface.

And now comes the super interesting part. The O-Ring on battery tube of Fenix TK10 at the bezel end is THICK.

On the other side there is provision to attach pocket clip on battery tube.

The O-Ring on battery tube of Fenix TK10 at tail cap end is equally strong. Threads on both sides of battery tube are clean and machined to perfection.

Tail cap: The tail cap of Fenix TK10 is anodized inside out. Negative contact spring on Fenix TK10 is gold plated.

Bare Aluminium ring is screw in holds the switch assembly.

Beam Shots:
The Beam shot Matrix shows Fenix TK10 on General & Turbo light levels with 2 x AW RCR123 batteries. All beam shots are taken at f/8 aperture with varying shutter speed.
Fenix TK10 General Fenix TK10 Turbo

Extreme Closeup Pictures: Fenix TK10
Here are a few extreme closeup pictures for Fenix TK10. Workmanship of Fenix TK10 is immaculate.

Bezel & head of Fenix TK10

Fenix TK10 head joining with battery tube.

Fenix TK10 battery tube & laser engraving.

Fenix TK10 battery tube & laser engraving at the tail cap end.

Tail cap.

Super Extreme Closeup Fenix TK10 battery tube with laser engraving.

Super Extreme Closeup Fenix TK10 battery tube and distinctive orange spacer ring.

Super Extreme Closeup Fenix TK10 tail cap. Notice the chamfering of lanyard attachment hole. This is a mark of detailed design consideration.

Runtime: In Progress

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