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Fenix T1 - Tactical

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Fenix T1 marks the entry of Fenix Light in to the Tactical Flashlight Domain. Fenix T1 Tactical is a robust, strong, solid built and armored like a tank flashlight. Fenix T1 operates with 2 CR123 battery and has two light output levels. Two modes of output are selected by turning the bezel. Turbo mode provides constant 225 unadulterated Lumens where as the general mode has 60 Lumens at disposal. Both the output levels are digitally regulated output maintaining constant brightness levels. Fenix T1 also has a low battery power warning. T1 is Machined from aircraft grade aluminium having hard anodize type III coating in dark natural finish offering a very good wear and tear protection. The bezel ring is built of solid stainless steel. The overall construction of Fenix T1 Tactical is anti-roll, slip-resistant body, T1 has non removable pocket clip attachment too. Multiple O-Rings are placed at various places to prevent dust and water entering the light. Most notably the battery tube on bezel end has two O-Ring seals. Fenix T1 meets the IPX - 8 Standard and is protected against water submersion, suitable for continual operation under water.

Light Features:
  • Premium Q5 binned Cree 7090 XR-E LED
  • Can run on multiple CR123 sized batteries ranging from Primary Lithium to Rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Meets the IPX - 8 Standard Waterproof Specifications
  • Digitally Controlled Regulated Drive Electronics
  • Two light output levels
  • Tactical tail cap switch with momentary-on function
  • Toughened ultra clear glass lens with AR coating
  • Ability to stand up securely on a flat surface serving as a 'candle'
Light Operation & Output:
Light Operation: The tail cap switch in T1 is 'Tactical Forward Click' type switch.

Tactical Mode: This mode is attained by fully tightening the bezel. It consists of one single light level i.e. Max Level [225 Lumens].
  • Since this is a tactical switch, you can turn on the flashlight momentarily by half pressing the switch
  • Press the tail cap button until 'click' sound is heard to switch ON the light
  • Press the button on tail cap until 'click' sound is heard to switch OFF the light
General Mode: This mode is attained by loosing the bezel. The General Mode consist of one level [60 Lumens].
  • Press the tail cap button until 'click' sound is heard to switch ON the light
  • Press the button on tail cap until 'click' sound is heard to switch OFF the light
Below is the chart showing total output levels for Fenix T1 with different types of CR123 batteries.
Fenix T1
Level 2x Li CR123(3v) 2 x Li-ion (3.7v)
Turbo 1950 1987
General 510 510
Light Info:
General Info
    Light Model T1 Tactical
    Manufacturer Fenix Light
    Review Page & Image
 T1 Tactical
T1 Tactical
    Country  China
    Review Date 2008-01-25
    Review Update 2008-02-12
Light Vitals
    Length 124 mm
    Width / Bezel Diameter 35 mm
    Width / Tube Diameter 24 mm
    Height (if applicable)  mm
    Weight (without battery) 152 gm
Light Source
    LED Format Power LED
    Number of LEDs 1
    LED Name Cree XR - E
    LED Power 3  Watts
Light Management
    Lens Material Glass
    Lens Coating (if any) AR Coated
    Lens Transperency (typical) 90
    Lumen Management Reflector
    Material Aluminium Metal Smooth
    Beam Type Mostly Throw
Power Management
    Converter Type Buck
    Properties Regulated, Micro Controller (uC)
    Features Simple Brightness Adjustment
Batteries Supported, Output & Runtime
    Battery Size
    Nominal Voltage
    # Used
    Total Output
    Runtime to 75%
    Runtime to 50%
    Runtime to 25%
LiMnO2  Li-Ion  
Switch Options
    Switch Type
    Switch Properties
Body Material Options
Type III Hard Anodized
Light Rating
50 50
    Build Quality
65 65
70 70
90 90
40 40
60 60
    Bang for buck
60 60
    Overall Rating
In-Depth Review & Pictures:
Packaging: The review sample sent by Fenix Light carefully packed arrived intact. The packaging inside was well preserved. Have a look at the pictures below.Back side of box displays Fenix mission, product specification and company address.

Package Contents: Let's open the box. Here is what you should expect. From left to right. First is Fenix Warranty, User Manual second, Fenix T1 & Hoister. In front is a little zip lock with lanyard attachment with some spare O-rings and tail cap boot.

Size Comparison: About 2.5 times as big as a standard AA cell. Pictured below size comparison between Fenix T1 and DereeLight CL1H V1. From L to R: Fenix T1, AA Battery and DereeLight CL1H V1.

Bezel: Reflector in Fenix T1 Tactical is built from solid Aluminium. Perfectly aligned Premium Q5 binned Cree 7090 XR-E LED in center within reflector. The reflector has LOP Finish. Beam is excellent quality with good throw and a distinct transition from Hot Spot to Spill beam. There are no artifacts in the beam. The Glass Lens of Fenix T1 Tactical has AR Coating. There is a o-ring seal between glass lens and the bezel body protecting reflector of T1 from dust and water. Bezel ring is made up of stainless steel and is chamfered on to prevent sharp edges at the same time it has 4 grooves with sharp edges.

Shown here is a comparison between reflectors, Fenix T1 on right and DereeLight Cl1H V1 on left both with the LOP reflector finish.

Body: Tank like construction with thick body walls. Fenix T1 is built from Aircraft Grade Aluminium. The Machining work is excellent, there are no flaws in workmanship of Fenix T1. The body is sand blasted and with hard anodized type III Natural coating, the T1 has a shiny matt finish. Anodized type III coating also protects Fenix T1 from wear and corrosion in normal usage. The body of T1 consists mainly of 3 parts; head housing lens, LED, reflector & Electronics, battery tube and the tail cap with switch. Head has non removable pocket clip attachment. The battery tube has diamond knurling offering a good grip. The laser engraving is done on battery tube to identify light model. The battery tube has fenix logo and T1 engraved. The overall T1 is very comfortable to hold.

Pictures below show side view of Fenix T1 highlighting the structural features on the bezel, battery tube & tail cap.

Fenix T1 Components: Showing from left to right, T1 Head, Battery tube and tail cap. The threads on body tube on tail cap side are anodized but the threads on bezel side of tube are not. O-Ring placed behind threads on both sides of battery tube offering good water resistance. Notably the Bezel side of battery tube has two O-Rings.

Thick positive contact tab placed over the PCB in head ensures good contact with battery as well as protects PCB from wearing out. Just outside the positive tab are the two quarter moon shaped disks placed equidistant from the center. This basically prevents negative terminal contact when battery is put in reverse direction acting as a reverse circuit protection.

The battery tube is about 4 mm in thickness that's a lot strong.

Tail cap has gold plated negative contact spring.

Beam Shots:
Here are two beam shots with Dereelight CL1H V1 on left and Fenix T1 on Right. The first Beam shot is with on Max light level for both next is the low light level on both.

Extreme Closeup Pictures: Fenix T1
Here are a some extreme closeup shots. The anodized surface finish is almost flawless.

Laser Engraving on battery tube with diamond knurling

Battery tube

Tail cap

Tail cap

Super Closeup of Fenix T1 diamond knurling on battery tube

Super Closeup of Fenix T1 Laser Engraving on battery tube

Super Closeup of Fenix T1 Laser Engraving on battery tube

Super Closeup of Fenix T1 Tail cap

Super Closeup of Fenix T1 Tail cap

Under Progress
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