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Fenix: L2P

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Fenix L2P is a Two AA Cell LED flashlight having Luxeon I LED. Body is built of Aluminium, with sandblasted and Type III Hard Anodizing. L2P comes in a cardboard Box and extra O rings. L2P is simple to operate click switch. Separate page of instruction set is included. The build quality is excellent. L2P is pretty bright. The body built robust.

Light Features:
  • Runs on Common AA Cell
  • Mostly Throw Beam
  • Luxeon I LED
  • Coated Metal Reflector
  • AR Coated Lens
  • Anodized inside out, including the threads, so you wont have any wear trouble with threads
  • Can stand on tail
Light Operation & Output:
Light Operation:
  • Click the tail switch to turn on the light
  • Click again the tail switch to turn off as simple as that
Light Info:
General Info
    Light Model L2P V1
    Manufacturer Fenix Light
    Review Page & Image
 L2P V1
L2P V1
    Country  China
    Review Date 2006-12-19
    Review Update 2007-03-29
Light Vitals
    Length 125 mm
    Width / Bezel Diameter 20 mm
    Width / Tube Diameter 20 mm
    Height (if applicable)  mm
    Weight (without battery) 59 gm
Light Source
    LED Format Power LED
    Number of LEDs 1
    LED Name Luxeon I
    LED Power 1  Watts
Light Management
    Lens Material Glass
    Lens Coating (if any) AR Coated
    Lens Transperency (typical) 90
    Lumen Management Reflector
    Material Aluminium Metal Smooth
    Beam Type Mostly Throw
Power Management
    Converter Type Step Up
    Properties Regulated
    Features Good Regulation
Batteries Supported, Output & Runtime
    Battery Size
    Nominal Voltage
    # Used
    Total Output
    Runtime to 75%
    Runtime to 50%
    Runtime to 25%
NiMH  Alk  LiFeS2
Switch Options
    Switch Type
    Switch Properties
Reverse Click
Body Material Options
Type III Hard Anodized
Light Rating
90 90
    Build Quality
70 70
70 70
45 45
10 10
80 80
    Bang for buck
50 50
    Overall Rating
In-Depth Review & Pictures:
Size Comparison: Fenix L2P, MiniMag 2AA LED & 2AA Incan LED

Another Size Comparison
From Left to Right: MiniMag 2AA with Kroll Switch, Peak LED Kinobay, Nuwai QIII, Fenix L2P, Peak LED KinoBay

Laser Engraving


Beam Shots:
Here are a couple of beam shots against various lights

Fenix L2P on Left and Peak LED McKinley on Right
Exposure Compensation = -2

Fenix L2P on Left and Nuwai QIII on Right
Exposure Compensation = -2

Fenix L2P on Left and Peak LED KinoBay on Right
Exposure Compensation = -2

Extreme Closeup Pictures:

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