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Dereelight CL1H

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Dereelight CL1H is a highly modular LED flashlight. Dereelight CL1H accepts multiple types of Batteries ranging from single rechargeable Li-Ion 18560 battery to two CR123 batteries. CL1H is machined from aircraft grade aluminium with natural hard anodize type 3 coating offering good environmental protection, corrosion resistance and durability. There are multiple O-Ring Seals at various locations in CL1H for water resistance. Dereelight CL1H has a forward clicking tactical switch. Dereelight CL1H accepts multiple type of power LED modules. One of the LED modules supplied with Dereelight CL1H has 5 mode Microcontroller (µC) Controlled drive circuit, with three brightness levels, strobe & SOS mode and LOP Metal Reflector.

Light Features:
  • Highly Modular
  • Easy LED upgrading
  • 5 mode Microcontroller (µC) Controlled drive circuit with memory
  • Cree XR-E LED
  • AR Coated glass lens
  • Supports multiple battery types
  • Forward Clicking Tactical Switch
Light Operation & Output:
Light Operation: Simple, tactical click switch. To change modes, press and release the tail cap half way before you hear the click sound in quick succession. When desired mode has arrived press the tail cap fully until you hear the click sound.

Below is the chart showing total output levels for Li-Ion 17670 battery
Level 1 AW 17670 Rechargeable Battery
Low 303
Med 878
High 1500
Light Info:
General Info
    Light Model CL1H
    Manufacturer Dereelight
    Review Page & Image
    Country  China
    Review Date 2007-10-26
    Review Update 2007-10-29
Light Vitals
    Length 145 mm
    Width / Bezel Diameter 34 mm
    Width / Tube Diameter 25 mm
    Height (if applicable)  mm
    Weight (without battery) 122 gm
Light Source
    LED Format Power LED
    Number of LEDs 1
    LED Name Cree XR - E
    LED Power 3  Watts
Light Management
    Lens Material Glass
    Lens Coating (if any) AR Coated
    Lens Transperency (typical) 90
    Lumen Management Reflector
    Material Aluminium Metal LOP
    Beam Type Mostly Throw with good side spill
Power Management
    Converter Type Buck
    Properties Regulated, Micro Controller (uC)
    Features Advanced User Interface
Batteries Supported, Output & Runtime
    Battery Size
    Nominal Voltage
    # Used
    Total Output
    Runtime to 75%
    Runtime to 50%
    Runtime to 25%
Switch Options
    Switch Type
    Switch Properties
Body Material Options
Type III Hard Anodized
Light Rating
65 65
    Build Quality
70 70
80 80
90 90
70 70
75 75
    Bang for buck
65 65
    Overall Rating
In-Depth Review & Pictures:
Size Comparison: Pictured below From L to R: CPF Special 16 Mode VB 16, Dereelight CL1H.

Another size comparison From L to R: AW 17670 Rechargeable Battery Dereelight CL1H, Single AA battery.

Bezel: Reflector in Dereelight CL1H is built from solid Aluminium. The reflector has Light Orange Peel (LOP) Finish. Cree XR-E LED is perfectly aligned and centered within reflector. The depth of reflector is medium offering optimum combination of throw and side spill.

Reflector Comparison: On the left you can see a smooth reflector inside CPF Special VB 16 and on the right is the LOP reflector in CL1H. The main advantage of LOP reflector is that it offers a fairly good beam with no artifacts in comparison the smooth reflector has ringy artifacts.

Components of highly modular bezel of Dereelight CL1H. Showing Bezel housing AR Coated Glass, in the middle is the light module. The reflector in light module is changeable and so is the LED itself. This makes Dereelight CL1H one of the most modder friendly and easy to upgrade light. Following images show the dissembled head in different directions.

Body: Dereelight CL1H is machined from Aircraft Grade Aluminium. The Machining is good without flaws. There is a removable clip attachment at the tail end of the flashlight. The body of Dereelight CL1H mainly consists of 3 main modules; bezel housing lens and light module, battery tube and tail cap. The head has machined grooves which protect light from rolling when kept on plane surface. One more factor that effectively prevents rolling is the clip attachment as seen from the picture below. The battery tube has attractive diamond-shaped knurling offering good grip.

Picture showing other side of body having flat surface with laser engraved light logo and model. You might have noticed slight color mismatch but this is what gives a unique identity to each flashlight.

The tail cap which houses tactical click switch has glow in the dark rubber cover enabling CL1H easy to find in the dark. The knurling on tail cap provides additional grip.

Disassembled body of Dereelight CL1H showing battery tube and tail cap. there are translucent color silicone based O-Rings on both sides of the battery tube located just before the thread start.

Inside the tail cap you will see removable steel screw over brass contact.

The battery tube and other components have thick body walls indicating strong body construction.

Beam Shots:
Beam Shots Dereelight CL1H: Beam with very good hotspot providing excellent throw with having good side spill. The beam shots below are taken with exposure compensation 0 to -2 on the left is CPF Special VB 16 and on right is Dereelight CL1H.

Exposure Compensation: +0 showing side spill and the hot spot. You can see spill rings in VB 16 where as the side spill of CL1H is perfectly smooth.

Exposure Compensation: -1 showing main hotspot, there is distinct separation between hotspot and side spill. The side spill is smooth and even.

Exposure Compensation: -2 showing main hotspot of Dereelight CL1H is very bright in fact it is one of the brightest lights reviewed till date. CL1H has very good throw.

Extreme Closeup Pictures: Dereelight CL1H
Here are a few extreme closeup shots. You will notice that there are no machining flaws. The workmanship of CL1H is very good.

Battery tube.

Tail end of battery tube, the diamond shaped knurling has some wavy bands.

Tail end.

The runtime for Dereelight CL1H little under 2 Hours 1 Hour 48 Minutes to be exact, this is exceptionally high considering the total light output of the light. Moreover the regulation is excellent. Runtime test for CL1H was carried out with AW 17670 Li-Ion rechargeable battery of about 1600 mAh capacity.

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