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Sanyo Eneloop USB Battery Charger

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Sanyo Eneloop USB Battery Charger with 2 Sanyo Eneloop AA Batteries is mainly designed for professionals who need battery charging on the go. The USB Charger is a self contained, sleek unit with integrated USB Cable.This pack is particularly useful for applications such like flashlights, cordless mouse, laser pointers etc. that use of AAA and AA batteries. Using Eneloop Batteries due to its special low self-discharge properties and having a USB based charger makes a winning combination for computer professionals enabling them to charge batteries of laptop USB port. Sanyo first introduced Eneloop by in November 2005. Eneloop batteries are one of the most environmentally friendly and long lasting batteries available to consumers. Read in depth review Sanyo Eneloop Batteries Power Pack with advantages and features of Eneloop technology. You can buy Sanyo Eneloop USB Battery Charger from Green Online Products at DepotEco.com, they offering a good deal on this pack. Sanyo Eneloop USB Battery Charger pack includes two Sanyo Eneloop AA cells, USB charger and instruction manual. USB charger is of intelligent type and has inbuilt temperature sensor for temperature protection. The USB Battery Charger is very light weight and has a very flat profile easy to slip in laptop bag.

Sanyo Eneloop USB Battery Charger Features:
  • Charges cells from standard Computer USB Port
  • Intelligent charging, detects charge state of battery, stops charging when battery is fully charged.
  • Converts 5V 500 mA input to approx 1.5V 900mA for battery charging
  • LED Indicator for charging status display
  • Inbuilt temperature sensor for temperature protection
  • Sleek light weight design easy to fit in laptop bag
  • Self Contained unit with USB Cable and plug
In-Depth Review & Pictures:
Sanyo Eneloop USB Battery Charger Packaging: The USB charger is packaged in blister type packaging. On front display, simple instructions to operate the USB charger are mentioned. The package with batteries weighs about 111 grams.

On the back side of Sanyo Eneloop USB Charger package has mention of package contents, bold mention of typical (500) number of pictures that can be captured on single charge with canon DSC-S4 camera, a long term comparison with conventional NiMH battery, a comparison against Alkaline battery, manufacturing details, website for more information and the bar code for scanning. It should be noted that the Eneloop batteries for this pack are manufactured in Japan where as the charger is manufactured in China.

Inside Sanyo Eneloop USB Charger Pack you will find two Sanyo Eneloop AA batteries, USB charger and instruction manual.

Sanyo NiMH USB Battery Charger: The charger included in Sanyo Eneloop USB Charger Pack is 2 bay quick charger. The charging current per channel is about 450 mA for AA sized Eneloop Battery when charging two cells simultaneously where as it becomes 850 mA when charging single AA battery. Same charging currents are applied for AAA sized battery. Although the input current is only 500 mA, the charger is capable of charging at more than 500 mA current. This is achieved by employing a buck type circuit where in the power conversion from 5V @ 500 mA occurs and gets converted to approximately 1.5V @ 900mA (450mA x 2). Typical charging times for 2000 mAh Sanyo Eneloop Ni-MH AA Single AA Cell is 140 min and for two AA cells is 280 min. Similarly, typical charging times for 800 mAh Sanyo Eneloop Ni-MH AAA Single AAA Cell is 60 min and for two AAA cells is 120 min. The charge time may vary depending upon battery condition and temperature. The charger is of intelligent type. i.e. it knows when battery is fully charged. This is achieved by use of special electronic charging circuitry. It even has got a temperature sensor. The temperature sensor is very useful in protecting the batteries and the charger from meltdown. The blue LED indicator placed at the top portion of charger inform user the state of the cells. Flashing LED implies cells are currently charging. When the cells are fully charged, LED switches on in steady state ON position. No LED glow means either the battery is inserted incorrectly or there is no power to USB port or there is no battery inserted. Fast blinking LED means damaged battery. Here are a few pictures of charger with AA batteries installed.

This is one of the most compact charger with dimensions in mm as 47 (W) x 92 (L) x 16 (D). Without batteries it weighs mere 42 gm. Easy on weight, easy on size makes perfect companion for laptop bag.

USB cord is contained in inbuilt housing. No need to carry additional USB cables and no dangling wires to mess with.

On back side of Sanyo USB charger, detailed charger specifications are mentioned along with typical charging currents. The Sanyo NiMH USB charger is specified as Model #NC-MDU01. Charger accepts input voltage of 5 Volts DC at 500 mA max. It is same as USB voltage and current specifications. The output charging current for Sanyo Eneloop USB charger is 850 mA for single cell irrespective of cell size and 450 ma x 2 for two cells. There is a precautionary note informing user to read instructions carefully before using the equipment. The charger is designed to charge NiMH type cells only. The charger is manufactured in China by Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

How to Charge using the Sanyo Ni-MH USB Battery Charger (Model: NC-MDU01)
Note: These instructions are taken straight from the charger manual.

1. Insert one or two eneloop batteries into the charger. Raise or lower the adjuster depending on the type of battery to be charged.
• Raise the adjuster to charge AA batteries.
• Lower the adjuster to charge AAA batteries.
• AA and AAA batteries cannot be charged at the same time.
Note: Insert the batteries matching the polarity of the charger.

2. Insert the USB connector of the charger into the USB port of an operating computer. Charging takes place when the LED charge Indicator is flashing.
Note: Do not connect other equipment to other USB ports on the computer while charging or the required Power may be exceeded. Charging might be stopped or the computer damaged or Data lost. The power supply capacity may be exceeded and charging may become impossible or the computer may be damaged and important data may be lost.

3. When charging has been completed the LED Charge indicator remains lit. Remove the USB connector from the USB port of the computer and remove the battery (batteries).
• Directly after completion of charging, the battery is hot, but this is normal.
Note: If the adjuster has been raised, lower the adjuster for storage.

The following can be considered when the charge time is exceeded:
• The personal computer has entered standby mode during charging. (*)
• The available power is insufficient because other equipment is connected to other USB ports.
• Charging has been paused for temperature protection.
• During charging of one battery, another battery has been added.
(*) Please refer to the instructions for your computer and cancel standby mode.

Complete charger manual can be downloaded from www.eneloopusa.com

Test Results:
Sanyo Eneloop AA Batteries Testing: Minimum specified capacity for Sanyo Eneloop AA sized batteries is 1900 mAh where as typical capacity is 2000 mAh. As Sanyo ships cells pre-charged to 75%, for the test, AA Eneloop cells were fully charged using the USB Charger. The tests was carried out using West Mountain Radio CBA II. Here are the test results for 1C (2 Amp) Test.

Upon completion of the above test, we recharged the Eneloop AA cells to determine the total charging time using the Sanyo USB Charger. Note that there were other peripheral devices connected to same USB bus. The total time for charging was about 4 Hours 55 Minutes which is very near to manufacturer estimated charging time of 280 Minutes (4 Hours 40 Minutes).
Reviewed: 2008-09-06
Updated: 2008-09-08

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