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Energizer AA Alkaline Batteries Comparison

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Energizer is a well known brand in the world of batteries and flashlights. It shares a legendary history with Eveready. Eveready, a brand that was established in early 1900's. Eveready, a company, where Alkaline Batteries were invented. As a matter of fact, Alkaline Batteries are in existence since as early as 1950's. Alkaline Batteries gained popularity in later years and today it commends almost about 60% of the consumer battery market. Earlier there was only one type of Alkaline Battery. However, off late, there has been an explosion of different types of Alkaline Batteries and the terminologies associated with it are just mind boggling. Plus, Ultra, Max, e2, Titanium so many options which one to choose from? There is a vast difference in price range. It makes our choice even more difficult. Is it worth the extra price? We will try find answers to some of these questions. We will make an attempt to figure out how exactly the batteries perform under various current draws. More specifically, the difference between standard AA Sized Energizer Alkaline Max and Energizer Alkaline e2.

Let's have a look at some of the features, advantages and disadvantages of Alkaline Batteries.
Alkaline Battery Features:
  • Alkaline Batteries generate power from the reaction between zinc and manganese dioxide. The cell is represented as (Zn/MnO2)
  • Alkaline Batteries produce approximately 1.5 Volts per cell
  • Alkaline Batteries have high internal resistance
  • Alkaline Batteries have longer shelf-life and are comparitively less prone to leakage

Advantages of Alkaline Battery:
  • Alkaline Batteries have much higher energy density compared with zinc-carbon (read el-cheapo) battery
  • Alkaline Batteries last fairly long compared to zinc-carbon batteries
  • Alkaline Batteries are best suited for low current draw applicaitons

Disadvantages of Alkaline Battery:
  • Alkaline Batteries are not very useful in high current drain applications (digital camera's, power tools etc). They will work, but they wont last as long as the newer renewable energy sources (read NiMH Batteries)
In-Depth Review & Pictures:
Batteries Size Comparison: From L to R: Energizer Max, Energizer e2 both being standard AA size are virtually identical in size. The only external difference is the labels

Energizer Max: A typical economy pack contains 6 cells in 4 + 2 (free) configuration

Energizer e2: Packaging is similar to Energizer Max. On back side they claim these are more capacity as compared to Max

Test Results:
1 Amp Test: 1 Amp Current draw test was carried out on both the batteries using West Mountain Radio CBA II. As you can notice, it is a clear indicator that at 1 Amp current draw the Energizer e2 has considerably more capacity than the Energizer Max battery. More specifically the capacity of Energizer Max at 1 Amp current draw is 0.8 Amp Hr where as the capacity of Energizer e2 is 1.2 Amp Hr. Clearly the Energizer e2 is a winner here.

One of the interesting phenomenon of Alkaline batteries is they tend to 'recover' themselves to a certain extent.

Second Day 0.45 Amp Test: Another test was performed at reduced current draw and here are the results. Again, the Energizer e2 scored high marks. The additional capacity on second day for Energizer Max at 0.45 Amp current draw is 0.396 Amp Hr where as the capacity of Energizer e2 is 0.466 Amp Hr. The batteries can still 'recover' but the capacity even after recovery will be greatly diminished.

Combined Test Results: Here are the combined test results.

Advanced Tests: More tests will follow soon.
Reviewed: 2008-06-16
Updated: 2008-08-03

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